Certificate of Disposition


The state of New York has begun to offer a certificate of disposition. In essence, it is a one page document that describes what happened during a court case. It could provide a record of good conduct for a particular person. The document could also describe a crime that occurred during the case itself. The certificate of good conduct is available through several different locations. Look for one authorized by the state or supreme court of New York City.

It is possible to email or fax the Certificate of Disposition to the recipient. Contact information may be found online through the court's website. A description of the document is also available for the recipient. Typical practice will email copies of the document. A physical original should be mailed to the person as well. Quick turnaround is part of the documentation process. Most recipients can expect their copy to arrive within 1 week of ordering the document.

A flat fee is assessed for anyone interested in the certificate of disposition. It typically will cost $100 for the document, plus a $10 fee assessed by the court. Please bring payment directly to the court to be determined. Recipients may pay in several different ways to get their document in hand. The court is ready during posted hours to receive proper payment. A full explanation of costs is delivered to anyone in court.

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