How To Get A Certificate Of Disposition Easily And Quickly



How to get a Certificate of Disposition easily and quickly

Are you in need of a Certificate of Disposition from a New York court? Have you looked at the procedure yourself, and it seems a little complicated and time-consuming?


If this is your case, you may be pleased to know there is an easy and quick way to get a Certificate of Disposition that does not require you to do anything much at all. In fact, it could not be more simple.


Find a law firm that specializes in getting Certificates of Disposition -- There are several law firms in New York that specialize in getting Certificate of Disposition. They have the contacts at the Criminal Court and the Supreme Court to make it quite simple to get them and, if you authorize one of them to get the certificate you need, you could get it in no time at all.


How long does it take for a law firm to get one? -- In most cases, a law firm specializing in Certificates of Disposition can usually get you the one you need within a week to 10 days. All you need to do is to give them the details about the one you need, pay their small fee plus the cost the court charges for the procedure, and they will go to work for you.


How much does a certificate cost? -- If you get the certificate yourself, it will only cost you a $10 fee that is payable to the court upon application. If you go through a lawyer, they will charge an extra $100 for the work they put in.


If you need a Certificate of Disposition quickly, however, going with a law firm is the way to go, as they can cut the time down quite markedly. They will also save you time as you do not have to go to the court and wait in line to apply.