Laws Pertaining to Obtaining a Certificate of Disposition


One of the main reasons people hire professionals to handle their court cases is because there is a lot of paperwork involved with the legal system. Every case has its own associated forms that need to be filled out and filed within specific guidelines and time periods. Anyone who has had a criminal case will have an associated paper known as a certificate of disposition. This paper is made available through the clerk's office of either the Supreme Court or Criminal Court. In some cases it could also be available through city courts.

What the Certificate Contains

The Certificate of Disposition contains information about the status of the case it is associated with. If the case has already been closed it will reflect the final disposition or result of the case. Since this certificate is a legal form it does have certain regulations about who it can be made available to. The criminal defendant the case revolves around is able to request a copy of this certificate. It could also be obtained by the person's legal representative or by someone who has received authorization from the defendant. An authorized person needs to present permission from the defendant as a written and notarized statement.

Obtaining the Certificate

In most cases, dealing with the court system is often frustrating and time consuming. It is a better option to have a professional service obtain the certificate of disposition to ensure it is received in a timely manner. This type of service would be able to obtain all of the certificates associated with the disposition including a certificate of relief from disabilities and an undocketed arrest. This type of agency specializes in legal dispositions, which also means they can obtain them quickly. This could be an important aspect when someone needs to prove the status of their case for employment purposes.